Amazon Multistate Tax Preparation on FBA Sales – Knoxville CPA – Sales tax and income tax

Don’t forget to file your state sales tax returns and state income tax returns if you are an Amazon FBA store.

An Amazon FBA store is a store that sells on Amazon and has Amazon warehouse inventory and ship orders.

Anytime inventory is stored and shipped within the same state, sales tax and income tax nexus is created.  A seller must at that point determine if their sales are enough to file a return.  Each state has different laws and requirements.  It’s important to find an accountant that knows each state law and how to setup accounts and pay sales tax in multiple states.

Have Hauser Accounting help get your business setup properly to file the proper state and federal returns.

Hauser Accounting can file multiple state income tax returns and multiple state sales tax reports.

Let us help you with:

  • Filing in multiple states for Amazon Sales Tax
  • Income tax filings in multiple states for Amazon FBA Sales
  • Amazon FBA Franchise Excise filings for S-Corps, LLC’s, Corporations
  • Sales tax account number setup multiple states
  • Help applying for state tax amnesty to relinquish liability of prior year unreported tax liabilities
  • Experienced Multi-state Tax Accountant
  • Experienced E-Commerce Accountant

Frequently asked questions:

  • Question:  Will paying sales tax this year draw attention to me if I haven’t filed in the past?
  • Answer:  Many states are offering amnesty to e-commerce businesses that were unaware of tax liabilities.  You might be able to fill out a form agreeing to pay future tax in exchange for amnesty.  Even if you can’t receive amnesty, if you plan to continuing selling on Amazon, you are rolling the dice by not filing.  If audited, an IRS agent to go back 10+ years and require payment plus penalty and interest.
  • Question:  If Amazon only sends sellers a 1099 if sales are over $20,000, why should I file?
  • Answer:  You are still liable for filing a return even if you don’t receive a 1099.

Amazon Multistate Tax Preparation – Knoxville TN CPA Accountants E-Commerce