QuickBooks Services 

 QuickBooks Setup and Hands on Training

Although QuickBooks is designed for everyone to understand, the QuickBooks setup has to be done correctly in order for all the features to work and for your reports to be accurate.  Let us help you setup your business to reduce taxes, get accurate financials, withhold the correct payroll tax, collect the proper sales tax, ect.  Things to consider…

  • Should your business be setup on a cash basis or accrual?

  • What chart of accounts does your business need?

  • How to you handle beginning balances and cash personally invested?

  • Are your assets setup correctly so an accountant will depreciate fully?

Quickbooks Training

How it Works:

We  schedule an initial meeting to get all the details needed to individualize your QuickBooks setup.  We then schedule a second meeting to train you on how to use QuickBooks once we have it personalized to meet your business needs.

Training is offered in office or remote and will be completely personalized.  Don’t waste time trying to go through online webinars and tutorials when you could hire Hauser Accounting to come to your office and guide your through the process step by step.


Quickbooks Set-up


What you Get:

Hauser Accounting will show you how to write checks, make deposits, reconcile your bank statements and loans, generate invoices, customize your chart of accounts, and show your company a few tricks to keep tight books.

Setup checks

  • Write checks directly from Quickbooks.

  • Automate recurring bills to go directly into the correct account.

  • Keep your information up to date by entering it daily as bills are paid rather than manually entering checks after transactions occur.


Have your payroll data entered correctly so you can take advantage of all that Quickbooks offers.

  • Print payroll checks directly from Quickbooks.

  • Efile 941 payroll tax quarterly reports.

  • Print W2’s and 1099s.

  • Stay compliant with automatic payroll updates.


Customize reports so you have easy access to your most needed information.

  • Monthly / Yearly / Weekly Profit Loss Reports

  • Cash Flow Reports

  • Budgets

  • Payroll Summaries and Detailed reports

 Job Cost Reports

  • Know your profit on each individual job.

  • With Job Costing, you will know how much profit you made on each individual job.

  • Make better business decisions based on more detailed reports.

Ongoing Services

  • Follow up on training in more detailed areas.

  • Make sure your company is on the right track.

  • Review your books to assist in tax prep and management reports.

  • Help setting up new accounts such as newly acquired loans or assets.

Quickbooks Tune-up

We can help you clean up and organize your bookkeeping system.  Have you been using QuickBooks for a while and think it needs a little tweaking?  Here are  a few things we can do for you…


  • Review transactions

  • Customize Reports

  • Look over balance sheet and determine if assets and liabilities are being shown correctly.

  • Personalize training based on company needs.

  • Review payroll items to ensure state compliance.

  • Set-up bank feeds to automate entries.

Stacy Hauser CPA and Hauser Accounting offers Quickbooks Solutions such as Quickbooks set-up and Quickbooks Training in Clinton TN near Oak Ridge, Powell TN, Lafollette, Knoxville TN.  Hauser Accounting also offers Tax Services, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business Set-up, and E-Commerce Solutions.